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Risks to Avoid or Manage before they become issues on Business Systems Implementations (SAP Specific)

December 15, 2013

Dr.Dot's Daily Dose

Specifically, the SAP system has been implemented successfully in at least 50000 customers globally. The Majority of project failures are not related to the product or software but tied to the project execution, the software implementation partner or just the people themselves.

This brief will help you maximize your chances of a successful SAP implementation and you are more than welcome to discuss with me any specific questions you may have about managing risks on your SAP project.

Risks and issues are part of any and every major Business transformation project. Put in perspective of large business transformation projects which involve the larger ERP’s (SAP and Oracle) but not limited to, these risks and issues can be huge which could destroy the entire project if not managed and mitigated in a timely manner. Most of these risks and issues discussed here are applicable to any Business System implementation project. However…

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Common Goals in Finance and Procurement

December 3, 2013

Here is a Re Blog, based upon observations in recent months that Both Procurement and Finance seem to have once again become silo’d and decisions are being made in isloation of each other without consultation.

Dr.Dot's Daily Dose

Procurement and Finance in businesses today are starting to realize and share the responsibility for both cost and risk reduction when it comes to reducing operating expenditures, cutting transaction costs, mitigating liabilities and identifying innovative ways to increase the Company’s profits.
The global financial recession is still with us, however many executives are beginning to listen and hear the bench¬mark performance numbers that show the types of savings that are possible from greater collaboration between Procurement and Finance.
Functional, Process automation and analytical initiatives such as e-Sourcing, P2P, Contract Management and Spend Analyses are making these returns possible. Take for example the types of returns that enhanced straight-through processing automation and change management can bring in the accounts payable function. By integrating tools and processes together in this area, procurement and finance can together reduce maverick spending, reduce potential fraud, better leverage existing contracts and lower operating costs.
Focusing on…

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Opening Night for Dr.Dot’s Daily Dose

March 8, 2010

People have been asking me for years why I got the nickname “Dr Dot”, well a friend (was he?) named me this after completion of my Phd in Internet Evolution and eCommerce. Recently, people have asked me to start a blog and to be honest I think the time is right. I have been working now for some thirty odd years in the Oil & Gas exploration industry within my specialized field of Supply Chain Management. Over the years I have worked in some “Interesting Places” for many of the Oil & Gas Majors. Shell being a large proportion of my career. I would like to say that I have seen it all, but not quite yet! I have worked on some interesting projects mainly to do with systems such as SAP, however, I think my real passion is that of eBusiness. Therefore my blog will certainly have an eBusiness flavour along with SAP and Supply Chain Management.

Hello world!

March 7, 2010

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