Smaller, Thinner, Lighter

April last year I wrote an article about the laptop ban which our friend Mr Trump introduced. In that article, I gave some advice about how to travel without compromise. You can read it here at

Some thirteen years previous I wrote an article for Digital Oman about this very topic, you can read the original article here

Since that time I have re-evaluated my own travelling equipment and am now travelling with a few different equipment companions.

Firstly, I should mention that I still have my iPhones 6 and 6+ which although slower than before still perform the well for what I need to do. I usually use my iPhone 6 as a camera and the 6+ for my business activities. This article is being written on my 6+ in WordPress, my Blog ‘Dr Dot’s Daily Dose’.

Last year, as in previous years I travelled with a Bluetooth LiveScribe Pen and associated notebook. Whilst this was great Technology the pen itself was quite delicate and the notebook was a onetime use only. I must say as well it was quite expensive when you had to get new notebooks and refills for the pen.

Enter the ‘Everlast’ notebook from RocketBook. This is a notebook that will (should) never run out. Why? As the pages are erasable, assuming you use the correct pen. I paid $34 for my A5 notebook, which you may think is quite costly, but it is reusable. So we have a onetime cost. The pens that you use are from the Pilot Frixon Range which comes with a built-in eraser or you can just use a damp cloth to wipe away your notes. You are probably sitting there thinking what use is an erasable notebook. Well here is the thing it comes with an app for your phone that enables you to direct your notes to any services you wish, such as email, cloud storage or just notes. Write it, scan it, send it and erase it. Simplicity itself.

At this point, I should mention that I wear glasses for reading, otherwise my eyesight is perfect. So I have been carrying various reading glasses for years until I came across ‘ThinOptics’ at the beginning of this year. These are glasses without arms and just peg on your nose. Perfect as I don’t need to fill my pockets with expensive designer labelled glasses when I am travelling. I have two pairs, one pair is on a lanyard around my neck the other pair fits into my travel document wallet.

If you remember my last two articles on this subject you will see that I continue to downsize and adapt to changing technology which I can benefit from.

When you are writing articles such as this on a smart device its beneficial to have a keyboard that you can link. Again last year I travelled with a Microsoft Universal Bluetooth Keyboard, whilst exceptionally good it was quite bulky. Earlier this year I found an AVATTO A18 Portable Twice Folding Bluetooth Keyboard BT Wireless Foldable Touchpad Keypad for IOS/Android/Windows iPad Tablet which is, in fact, the same size as my iPhone 6+. Coupled to this I bought a phone stand which flips open to any angle. I believe it’s been made from reusable plastic. Both fit nicely into my backpack and waste no space.

Finally, I have purchased a personal drone. The DJI Tello, the most affordable and smallest drone on the market. To be honest it takes wonderful pictures even though its duration is limited (15 minutes if you are lucky on slow speed). I use my iPhone 6+ as its controller and photographs or videos can be sent directly from the phone onto the internet or directly to friends or family.

So there we have it some changes and I am sure there will be more to come in the future. There are a couple of things already on the wish list but will have to wait and see how things develop.


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