Mobile Mind Mapping

Since the Laptop ban that Mr Trump introduced some months ago I took it upon myself to change the way I worked and use enabling technology to my advantage. When the ban was announced I wrote an article and published it on LinkedIn entitled “Light and Easy is the way to go” (Access the article –

Twelve years previously I wrote my first article for Digital Oman about mobility, you can read the original article here


To tell you the truth there are some things that you just can’t do on a mobile device, but I think that I will leave that for another blog.

I have been and still am a mind mapper for a considerable amount of years, using mind mapping in business for project management, reports, presentations, my own book, planning, brainstorming, training, consulting etc etc, the list of uses for me seems endless. Now I am using mind mapping in Education for teaching, management and my own education process. You can find many of my maps on BiggerPlate and just recently as part of the BiggerPlate Business Club I was offered the opportunity to speak on the subject of Business Process Management using a mind map for the presentation


So what has the mobile device got to do with Mind Mapping and Mr Trumps laptop ban. Well it’s really all about size! the ban was about only allowing certain sized devices into the cabins whilst your laptop had to go with your baggage (if you are crazy enough to put it in the hold of an aircraft, I used to load aircraft once upon a time so I have a good idea about their handling). The size of the screen is all import when you are trying to Mind Map. Previously I would only mind map on consulting assignments with an iPad Air, basically a 10 inch screen, but since the April ban I have downsized considerably to approximately 5 x 3 inch screen of the iPhone 6+. MindGenius was my preferred mind mapping tool but having downsized I have had to find software I can use on the iPhone which suits my purpose.


iThoughts2go on iPhone 6+

So I have a list of six which are suitable for this device and have worked extremely well on consulting assignments. There is one in my arsenal which is not really a mind mapping tool, but you can use it for mind mapping, but it’s primary use for me is Flowcharts and BPMN diagramming.

So here is the list with links to websites

  1. i Thoughts 2 go 
  2. MindMeister
  3. MindMaple
  4. iMindMap
  5. Lucidchart
  6. Mindjet Maps

The example shown below is a flowchart for teaching Academic English Writing that was developed for a University Course on the subject. Lucidchart is a great online tool for both business and education.


To summarise things are getting smaller and smaller, but capability is getting larger and larger. With these small portable devices and mapping software I can pretty much go anywhere and do my work or own education. People do say that these screens are to small, but so far I have not found it a disadvantage in what I am doing. For me it’s really about the software’s functionality and usability.




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