eTransactions assist in combating corrupt practices.

Even today in many businesses corrupt practices still exists within the procure to pay (P2P) process, however eTransactions with visibility and electronic audit trails help to alleviate the risk of corruption.

Before we had the electronic transaction, and by this I mean the ones that are incorporated into a business system such as SAP, Oracle or even Great Plains, the risk of corruption in the procurement process was extremely high. Collusion between buyers and sellers was almost an accepted practice, until they got caught that is! Although eBusiness transactions have been with us for quite some time the early transactions were still fraught with opportunities for corrupt practices, also audit controls and compliance monitoring were still in their infancy

Today eTransactions are much more highly developed and actually offer both the buyer and seller a certain degree of protection against being accused of corrupt practices. It is not to say that corrupt practices have been totally eradicated, this is not the case. However, it is much harder for the corrupt buyer or seller to get around the process.

Business processes are much more visible today (end to end) with changes and updates being logged almost every step of the way. Audits and compliance monitoring tools and techniques have developed considerably to assist in weeding out corruption in the business process.

As an early adopter of both eTransactions and eAuctions in the procurement process in a variety of companies and industries, I have seen the reduction in corrupt practices. I frequently visit the Transparency International ( website and monitor the Corruption Perception Index for those countries I have worked in over the years and who have adopted eBusiness into their business portfolios. What I recognize in the business is a direct relationship to countries adopting eBusiness transactions to their position in the Corruption Perception Index.

Electronic transactions are not the ultimate cure for all evils, however, they certainly help in the battle against corruption; specifically within the Procure to Pay process.


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