Enterprise Process Inteligence

Here we are in the 21st. Century when many things around us are process driven, but unfortunately there are many enterprises that still lack a process driven view of the business. You must have access to process information and make it comprehensible and applicable because the very essence of business performance is based on the effectiveness of business processes. Hundreds or even thousands of processes are active across your business enterprise; how well you understand and manage them defines your success.
To excel in this environment, you have to have more than just an education and some skills. Those are a good start, but you need to be process-smart and process-aware. Even process smarts aren’t quite enough, though! You have to be instantly up-to-the-minute knowledgeable. Even with all this, you’ve got to be able to apply this process savvy with insightful reasoning and goal-directed problem-solving ability.
Putting all this together means you need to have intelligence in a process-driven enterprise. In other words, you have to have Process Intelligence.

So what is Process Intelligence……it’s the ability to understand business processes and knowing how to use them effectively. Having Process Intelligence, will enable you to use your business processes to improve product and service quality, productivity, and profitability by making process information more accessible and comprehensible, and then directly applying it to your business activities. Process Intelligence is a cornerstone of Business Process Excellence (BPE), enabling you to better leverage your investments in management methods, information systems, and technology infrastructure to improve operational performance at every level and more precisely execute on your strategic intent. In short, Process Intelligence helps to adjust and apply your processes to compelling business advantage.

Process Intelligence assists everyone involved in a process to make better decisions every day including process engineers, managers, operations personnel and technical staff. Process intelligence includes technologies that use intelligent software to enable better and faster reasoning about process data. Process intelligence software applies sophisticated tools to tasks such as knowledge acquisition, data analysis, system control, and process optimisation. Process intelligence tools gather process data, provide interpretations, and make both historic and real-time results available across your enterprise and even to your suppliers and customers.

The adoption of Process intelligence across the Enterprise you will be able to…..

Discover opportunities for savings by seeing precisely where waste and loss is occurring in your business.
Know immediately when a business process, activity, or transaction encounters a delay or commits an error.
Uncover weaknesses and areas of exposure in any part of a process or activity.
Understand the connections between high-level strategy and operational activities.
See the how value streams between you, your customers, and your suppliers are working.

Process Intelligence is extremely powerful, you can apply it to any business process or function. People use Process Intelligence for everything from order processing, service management, transaction banking, sales, insurance, health care, energy and utilities, logistics, and more. In a process world, everyone seeks Process Intelligence. Process Intelligence is sought by every corporate manager so they can effectively interpret operational Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the context of their real-world business processes. You want process efficiencies and operational performance to be transparent at all times. If your KPIs aren’t where you need them to be, you want to immediately identify and resolve the anomalies. People can’t wait until the end of the quarter, the end of the day, or sometimes even another ten minutes to know whether the factors influencing their targets are on track. With Process Intelligence, you can constantly check how all the pieces of your enterprise are performing. Replace crisis management with the intelligence to correct errors before problems become serious.


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