Internet Changes the way we do Business!

Again I have been looking at a series of programmes that were run in 2010 by the BBC called BBC Superpower Season, exploring the extraordinary power of the internet. To be honest this series was long overdue in my view. The internet (and www) has changed the way we do business for ever. For example a decade ago I was running online auctions as a pilot and now today these are being run as an accepted part of everyday business. I have to admit auctions (the electronic version) are not everyone’s cup of tea and there has been much discourse over the years as to whether or not they really do work in the business world. The view that I hold and it’s still the same today as it was a decade ago is that with effort you can auction anything, but involvement from both buyer and seller alike is a must. Auctions not only speed the process up considerably but also give true visibility for the process for all involved. Just recently I have have completed a project where auctions come as a standard part of the business suite, this is called SAP SRM 7. In many larger organisation Tenders are let for projects to be completed, this process is inherently long, however, today with the electronic bidding process the technical part of the tender can be viewed and responded to much faster than it’s paper based traditional counterpart. People now have the ability to collaborate more thoroughly through the online environment. Once the technical validation has been completed and a number of vendors have been accessed the only thing that is left to do is to do the commercial side of the business. This is where the auction can really come into it’s own and fast track the award process. Reducing the process time from months to weeks has got to be better for buyer and seller alike, but it must be remembered that you have both got to put the effort in to ensure that you have successful events and that all the risks have been addressed.


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