Opening Night for Dr.Dot’s Daily Dose

People have been asking me for years why I got the nickname “Dr Dot”, well a friend (was he?) named me this after completion of my Phd in Internet Evolution and eCommerce. Recently, people have asked me to start a blog and to be honest I think the time is right. I have been working now for some thirty odd years in the Oil & Gas exploration industry within my specialized field of Supply Chain Management. Over the years I have worked in some “Interesting Places” for many of the Oil & Gas Majors. Shell being a large proportion of my career. I would like to say that I have seen it all, but not quite yet! I have worked on some interesting projects mainly to do with systems such as SAP, however, I think my real passion is that of eBusiness. Therefore my blog will certainly have an eBusiness flavour along with SAP and Supply Chain Management.


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